We don’t just create an image for your business, we help you build a solid brand.

Our branding goes beyond the design side, it aims to give your business a voice that can be heard and will establish a significant presence in your chosen markets, making loyal customers.

To achieve the best for you, we scout the market and working closely with you to create something unique, packed with creativity and freshness. We build a solid brand that is true to the core of your business, capable to sing it loud and clear.

We can offer you...

• Market research & trends
• Competitor research
• Straplines
• Marketing approach
• Vision & Mission
• Logo design
• Graphic design
• Web design
• Brand guidelines
• Brand consultancy

 Graphic & Web Design

Our motivation is passion for what we do. Simple as that.

At Aligneat, we are packed with experience, flair and creativity to develop the right image for your business. From concept of ideas to final designs. We are inquisitive, daring, flexible and original, and we have a fine eye for detail. This is why we build partnerships with our clients, where we can understand each other and work together in the process.

We have the experience of working in different areas, from public sector like schools and charities to international companies such as Vauxhall and Audi. We take every brief with passion, no matter how simple or complex it can be and always highlighting the best your company has to offer.

We can offer you...

Graphic Design:
• Logo Design
• Stationary
• Brocuhe
• Flyer & Leaflets
• Posters
• Merchandasing
• Promotional Design

Web Design
• Websites
• Web Development
• Responsive Design
• Multimedia Design
• Content Management Systems
• Updates and Mantainance

 Social Media

We provide a solid strategy that leaves a mark in the market.

We align creativity with good understanding of what needs to be done. Yes, that's right. We don't just design and make things looking good but also make sure the functionality and the true identity of your business has being interpreted as it should be.

Our team of experienced and passionate designs will do what it takes to bring your business forward in the digital market.

We can offer you...

• Branding & Design
• Illustration
• Consultancy
• Social media profiles accounts:
   Twitter marketing
    LinkedIn marketing
   Google + marketing
   Facebook marketing
• Digital Banners and Adverts
• Management & maintenance

 Project Management

We thrive in challenging situations, so let us align ourselves to your business.

A project can be anything that springs to your mind, from events to data management, to subcontracting and stakeholder management. We take a hands-on approach to make sure business solutions are not just envisaged, but also provided with authentic benefits.

We can bring our PRINCE2 qualifications to your business to help you build management systems relevant to your needs.

We can offer you...

• Admin Support
• Virtual Management
• Tailored Spreadsheets
• PRINCE 2 management systems
• Sales management
• Resourcing
• Research and development
• Subcontractor’s management

 Business Consultancy

We can help your business to reach its goal in a lean and effective way.

We aligned ourselves to your company to deliver your business goals. We like to set your business in motion, so we work with the market trends to help you consolidate your business.

We also provide solutions to help you launch your business or project, effectively. This means that we create a bespoke business plan that fit your needs and the market. We also will give you key tools to expand, renew and keep your business running productively.

We can offer you...

• Business strategy
• Business coaching & mentoring
• Price strategy
• Personalised business plans, including growth, revenue and profitability.
• Networking strategy
• Ongoing business reviews

 Language & Support

We offer support and services in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish.

At aligneat you can let us be in charge of your business communications, either in English or Portuguese, Spanish or Polish.

Also we assist your business all the way, including overseas account management, admin tasks, stakeholder management, website mantainance, hosting and domain management and support, social media queries, or simply to have a chat about anything that comes to your mind.

We can offer you...

• Technical Support
• Remote Administration
• Interpreting
• Non-official translations
• Overseas account management
• Stakeholder management